Photographic Print Digitization

Overhead capture is the method of choice for print scanning since it protects the delicate surface of the original materials from scratching and other damage. It also produces higher quality and productivity than flatbed scanning.

Overhead capture systems utilize a high resolution camera mounted on a sturdy copystand, along with controlled lighting and a color-managed workflow. We have designed a number of these systems for our production studios. We also design and install these systems for our consulting clients, and provide training as well.

We digitize collections of photographic prints ranging in size from 1.0" x 1.5" to 40" x 60."

The TTI cameras and copystands are some of the best-designed and built systems in the world. For large prints, we use the TTI Digiflex 45ei with a Betterlight scanback (216 megapixels) mounted on the TTI 40x60 copystand with built-in vacuum easel. This system provides the maximum possible quality, and with our custom built laser alignment system, repeatedly sharp edge-to-edge scans.

Photographic Print Digitization

When less resolution is needed, we offer DSLR rapid capture up to 36 megapixels. We can mount our tethered DSLR systems to the TTI copystand, or to any of a number of different supports. These rapid capture devices are single shot as opposed to the longer scan times required by the Betterlight. Because of the increased speed, prices are generally lower when using these systems.

We work with the client to decide which capture device and resolution is appropriate for their needs.