Other Digitization Services

Digital Library Creation

We now offer delivery of scanned images loaded into Adobe Lightroom, which provides for non-destructive image editing. Lightroom also has a catalog module that provides for industry standard metadata ingestion and editing. 

Derivative File Creation

Although most of our clients want archival scans for preservation purposes, many also need files generated for specific output or access needs. For example, Titan Publishing Group in London contracted with us to digitize hand drawn artwork originally created by Jack Katz in the 1970's to illustrate his early graphic novel: The First Kingdom. After scanning the 1,000+ 14"x17" originals to archival RGB TIFF files on our Betterlight, we generated a set of very high resolution bitmap files ready for printing the "Remastered Edition" of the famous comics. The publisher received the 42mb bitmap files by electronic transfer, while the artist received a hard drive with the 16 bit RGB TIFF files for his personal archive.

Media Migration

Best practices call for checking and eventual migration of media over time. All media: floppy disks, optical media, hard drives, etc; eventually become unreadable. Some file formats, like the proprietary Kodak Photo CD format, also become unusable over time because software and operating systems no longer support them. We offer cost-effective solutions for migrating large collections. If you have a plan, we can help; or we can help you devise a plan that best suits your needs


In addition to our production services, we offer expert consultation regarding any aspect of the digital imaging process. See our Consulting Services pages for more details