Flat Material Digitization

Flat materials we digitize include maps, scrolls, drawings, plans, prints, unframed paintings, and most any material that can be held down on our copystands for high resolution scanning.

Betterlight Captures up to 216 megapixels

We use the latest, state-of-the-art overhead capture systems to scan these materials. For large prints and other flat objects, we use the TTI Digiflex 45ei camera with a Betterlight Super 6K-HS scanback mounted on the TTI 40x60 copystand with built-in vacuum easel. This system provides the maximum possible quality, and with our custom built laser alignment system, perfectly sharp edge-to-edge scans. And since nothing touches the surface of the material being scanned, there is no chance of damage.

The largest piece we can scan in a single section is 40" x 60", but we often combine multiple scans into a single high-resolution file. 

Here is an example of a section of a scan of a Chinese scroll that is over 9 feet long.

UCSF Library Bird Scroll

Credit: UCSF Library Special Collections
See Portfolio section for zoomable, full resolution scan

Here is a Sanborn Fire Insurance map scanned with the Betterlight:

Sanborn Fire Insurance Map Scan, University of Kansas

Credit: University of Kansas
See Portfolio section for zoomable, full resolution scan

DSLR Rapid Capture up to 36 megapixels

When less resolution is needed, we offer DSLR rapid capture up to 36 megapixels. We can mount our tethered DSLR systems to the TTI copystand, or to any of a number of different supports. These rapid capture devices are single shot as opposed to the longer scan times required by the Betterlight.

We will work with you to decide which capture device and resolution is appropriate for your needs.