For us, scanning is not a commodity business where we find the cheapest way to get adequate results. Our clients work with us because they know that price is only one aspect of value, and they have come to appreciate how we customize our offerings to meet their needs.

We use the best equipment available, often improving functionality through consultation with various manufacturers.

Because we specialize in producing consistently high quality on large-scale projects, we have developed systems that combine best practices in digital imaging with very fast turnaround times. And although we are experts on automated systems and workflows, we still pay attention to every single image as if it were the only one in the order. We know how to properly handle rare archival materials, and we provide that same level of attention to everything we scan.

Here are some of the reasons clients choose us as their preferred vendor for large digitization projects:

  • Over 25 years experience scanning materials for libraries, museums and archives
  • All work done in our own facility in the United States; nothing is sent overseas
  • Specially designed dust-free production studios with HEPA filtered air
  • All workflows completely color-managed
  • Use of Golden Thread targets and DICE software to assure optimum quality
  • Scans available as 16 bit uncompressed RGB TIFF files for maximum archival quality
  • Scans available in Pro Photo RGB colorspace for maximum color gamut
  • Set of JPEG derivatives also provided for access purposes
  • Technical metadata embedded in file headers
  • Custom filenaming from databases and spreadsheets
  • Every single image quality checked at least twice in the workflow
  • Certificate of insurance available for large collections
  • Free backup of scans on RAID protected servers
  • Delivery on hard drives, gold archival media and digital uploads
  • Non-destructive imaging option with scans delivered in Lightroom Digital Library