Jack Katz Original Artwork Digitized for Titan Publishing in England

Jack Katz is a well-known illustrator of comics and one of the originators of the American graphic novel or "underground comic." His most famous work, The First Kingdom, took him twelve years to complete, and was published in twenty-four volumes starting in 1974. He developed the entire story, wrote all the copy, and hand drew the 768 pages with incredible detail. Always intended as the first part of a trilogy, Katz later finished The Space Explorers Club, and Destiny to complete the series.

In 2013, Titan Publishing, in England, bought the rights to republish The First Kingdom, and to publish the other two books in the trilogy.  Two Cat Digital was selected to scan all the original artwork, and to provide camera-ready bitmaps for Titan's printers around the world. We took the extra step of doing preservation level scans of all the artwork, and providing those archival TIFF files to Jack Katz for his archive.  The bitmap files were generated as derivatives, and delivered electronically to Titan's FTP servers.

See an example of one of these pages in our Portfolio section.