News: Scanning Projects

Here you can find updates that highlight Two Cat Digital's projects, events, and other news.

Exciting Digitization Project: “Insects and Plants – A Living Theater”

Dr. Edward S. Ross traveled the world collecting and photographing insects for over 60 years.  These trips were supported by the National Geographic Society, the Guggenheim Foundation, and the California Academy of Sciences where he chaired the Entomology Department for 40 years. In addition to discovering many new species, he also pioneered the field of on-location 35mm macro photography.

Cover photo: "Provoked female mantis rears up"

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Digitization of Saint Mary’s College Photographic Archive

We get all kinds of inquiries for digitization services, but sometimes the circumstances make us cringe!  In this case, Martin Cohen, the archivist at Saint Mary’s College of California, called for a quote to scan 3,300 photographic prints ranging in size from 2x2 inches to 4x10 feet. It seems they had previously scanned all these prints themselves over a period of many years, but after a server crash, they were unable to restore the files from backups, so all had been lost.

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