Jack Katz Original Artwork

This original artwork arrived at our studios in old metal suitcases! Most pages are in pretty good condition, but many had pieces of hand-written type falling off that had to be carefully reattached before we could scan. Katz had used very heavy watercolor paper, mostly 12" x 18". He worked in both pen and ink; and brush over the twelve years of the project.

Use the Zoomify toolbar to navigate through the scroll and to zoom in for a closer look. The small icon on the right side of the toolbar toggles a full page view.

Scanning was done on our Betterlight system at 650 PPI. This allowed inclusion of gray scales and rulers alongside the artwork, resulting in a 9,000 x 12,000 pixel file. The archival 16 bit RGB TIFF files are each 620mb. The publisher required 1200 PPI bitmap files, and they are "only" 36mb in size. That made it easy to transmit the finished files to the publisher's FTP server in England overnight. When their production people arrived in the morning, they would find another finished chapter ready for their magic. The example here is one of the bitmap files delivered to the publisher.

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