System Design & Equipment Selection

Need help designing systems for scanning, image processing, digital asset management, or digital preservation? We can help with all of those. We provide this assistance onsite at your facility, or by phone and email. Here are some areas where we have helped clients:

  • Equipment Selection for Scanning, Image Processing and Storage
  • Selection and Integration of Digital Asset Management Systems
  • Digital Preservation
  • Installation and Training

Howard Brainen

Consulting at St. Lawrence University

"In 2009-2010, Two Cat Digital helped us design a professional digital photography studio to photograph artworks in St. Lawrence University's permanent collection. After several discussions, we were provided a list of equipment that would best suit our needs, including a camera body, lenses, and accessories, as well as an appropriate camera stand for overhead capture for works of art that couldn't be mounted to a wall. Howard also outlined a lighting system and a dedicated computer for capturing images with the appropriate software to process and color correct image files. Best of all, however, was the fact that we were able to bring Howard to campus. He walked us through the entire process: from setting up the camera stand and lights, to capturing images, to final image production. We would never have been able to achieve a successful and efficient workflow without his expertise, and we continue to call on Howard with any questions that may arise. He's been an invaluable resource. "