Strategy & Planning

We have the experience and the vision to understand the possibilities for digitizing large collections, and we provide expert written advice for institutions of all sizes.

Strategies for Large-Scale Digitization

Do you need a roadmap to accomplish your digitization goals?  We have experience in designing and implementing strategies for digitization projects of all sizes, and for clients in both the cultural heritage and corporate community.

Cost Analysis for Digitization Projects

Do you need to make Buy, Build or Outsource decisions?  We help clients understand the total costs for each aspect of a project, including specific equipment, software, staffing (both production and management), and necessary IT infrastructure. 

Digital Transition Plans for Libraries, Museums and Archives

The Digital Transition Plan includes analysis of existing assets and specific recommendations for successful implementation.  Included are cost analyses based on equipment, staffing and infrastructure needed to determine whether or not some or all the tasks should be done in-house or outsourced.   Efficient workflows are designed and recommended to suit your needs.

This expert analysis and plan is everything you need to present to both internal and external funding sources.

"When the Margaret Herrick Library photo reproduction studio transitioned from a photographic process darkroom to a digital studio, it became clear that our workflow and current technical set-up were insufficient to deal with growing demand for content both internally as well as from patrons visiting the library. We brought in Howard Brainen of Two Cat Digital to initiate the process. Through a series of interviews with staff and a thoughtful analysis of our goals, Howard revamped departmental workflow, upgraded equipment, conducted training sessions, and made recommendations for a complete renovation of the digital studio. Howard's excellent interpersonal skills coupled with his expertise in digital workflows facilitated a successful transition within our budget and timeframe."