Our Two Cats

Are There Really Two Cats?

Here is the story of the two loving cats that inspired Two Cat Digital.

Those of you who live with cats know you can't make them work. Two Cat Digital’s founder, Howard Brainen and his wife, Marsha Kirschbaum, brought two of these wonderful, single-minded creatures into their lives in 1992.

The two cats, Boots and Thermal, were brothers. Howard and Marsha tried for years to get the cats to do something productive and their last attempt was to name a company after them, thinking it might inspire them to contribute something other than hairballs. They were clearly not impressed. In fact, their only response was to demand more crunchies and window time.

Boots and Thermal - the two cats of Two Cat Digital

Instead of working, Boots and Thermal enjoyed watching their favorite bird feeder videos when not sleeping or eating. Thermal is the handsome fellow posing next to the dish brush in the kitchen window. Both boys perfected the art of sunspot acquisition, especially on the dining room floor in the afternoon. They would fight over a favorite sunspot, and then fall asleep with as much of their bodies as possible in the spot. When they would awaken to find the spot had moved, the process started all over again. Humans have a lot to learn from cats about energy efficiency!

Boots passed away in 2009, and Thermal lived to be 21 years old, finally passing away in March, 2013. We miss them both.